Material Girl

After my most recent Sephora haul and two online orders from Tobi and Forever21, I thought to myself- Why do I need more makeup/clothes?  Don’t I have enough?  I have more makeup then I could ever need for the next two years, yet I still buy more thinking that somehow this new foundation would be better than my last when in fact, it does more or less of the same thing.  I am a college student and I have enough clothes to last me two weeks without doing laundry.  To me, that is plenty and I am not able to fit much more clothes in my dorm closet!

I use to track my finances.  I recommend this website to those who need a little help budgeting.  It lets me search for a retailer, such as Sephora, and then it will show me how much I’ve spent say from Nov. 2011- Nov. 2012, or any other time frame I’d like.  I was shocked to see that I’ve spent $600 on Sephora in the last year!  This is just from Sephora!  This does not inlclude my drugstore makeup, of which I own even more.  I could have bought an iPad with that money!  For clothing, it gets even worse.  I spent more than 2,000 dollars on clothes in the last 12 months!  Granted, this includes two Michael Kors purses, one Kate Spade cross-body, and a Kate Spade wallet.  Still, that is more than a thousand dollars on clothing from Tobi, Forever21, H&M, and JustFab.  Clothing from these stores are not worth the investment.  I’d rather take those 1,000 dollars back and invest on a few key pieces from J Crew or Banana Republic.

This is where I will “shop” for makeup for all of next year!
The current state of my closet (this does not include my 3 drawer chest full of bottoms and tops!)

After this realization, I knew I needed to change, but I didn’t know how.  I’ve started a project 10 pan, but I wanted to extend this to clothing also.  I stumbled upon (okay, I googled) a post on blogher ( titled 2012: My Year Without New Clothes or Cosmetics.  This drew my attention and I have decided to do a 2013 version of this.  I will basically follow the same rules she listed out with a few alterations (in bold):

  • In 2013, I won’t buy any new clothing items for myself, unless I need underwear, bras or t-shirts. Or I randomly get invited to the White House or something like that and other very special occasions
  • No accessories or jewelry, either — I have edited my closet, make-up, and work wardrobe to a place where I feel I have what I need.
  • Gifts/hand me downs/swaps are fine to accept.
  • Tailoring/mending existing clothes is fine and encouraged.
  • I’m also going to add a new challenge this year, which is no new MAKE-UP and skin care. Basic moisturizing, mascara, and cleaning refills are good, but nothing else. No impulse buys.

I will begin this project on January 1, 2012 (after the holiday season).  For the next month, I will be preparing and will try to keep my shopping limited to gifts and necessities.  I have already stopped buying any more makeup.  Hopefully, by constantly updating this blog, I will actually stick to this New Year’s resolution.

Wish me luck!

-Material Detox


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