One Down. Nine to Go.

In my last post, I mentioned that I had started a project 10 pan.  For those of you who have not heard about this before, let me explain (if you have, you can skip the next few sentences). The point of this project is to use up makeup products you already own.  What you do is pick 10 cosmetic items, this can be from a lipgloss to moisturizer, and you must use up all these products before buying any more makeup.  Everyone has their own rules, but here are mine:

1. To add an item to the finished list, the whole product must be used up (i.e. just hitting the “pan” does not suffice”)

2. Makeup “essentials” may be replaced IF there are no other replacements available in the collection already.  For example, mascara may be replaced every 1-3 months if there aren’t any other mascaras in the collection.  However, things like a bottle of foundation should not be replaced (unless its HG) if there are other bottles of foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturizer.

3. Limited edition products may be purchased, however, they may not be used til the project is completely done. This rule also applies to gifts.

4. If a very special occasion comes up, false eyelashes may be purchased.

5. Sample sizes may not count as a finished product.

Right now my goal is to finish 30 products over the next year.  I have picked the 10 products that I would like to use right now, and stored the rest of my collection away so that when I finish the first 10, I won’t have the “need” to buy something new, and instead pick out my next products from my collection.

Here are my first 10 items:

Mac lipglass in oyster girl
Revlon lip butter in sugar plum
Not the whole palette. The colors sin and half-baked.
Again, not the whole palette. The colors bootycall and tease.
Buxom Lash
Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
theBalm DownBoy blush
Missha Cho Bo Yang BB cream. I’ve had this for four months and I finally finished it today!

That is one blush, a tube of mascara, a bottle of bb cream, a bottle of face wash, two lippies, and four eyeshadows.

Wish me Luck!

-Material Detox


5 thoughts on “One Down. Nine to Go.”

    1. I personally prefer the Naked 2 palette, however it really depends on what you prefer. The original Naked palette has warmer shades, and the Naked 2 has cooler shades. I hope this helps a tiny bit 🙂

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