Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

..kidding!  But, on a serious note,  I went to see a movie today with my friends and somehow we ended up at H&M afterwards.  I perused the aisles and as usual, found many, many cute items that I wanted.  I began rationalizing that my year with out purchasing clothing didn’t begin til January 1st and before I knew it I was waiting in line for the cash register, with a pile of scarves, sweaters, skirts, and dresses in my arms.

Then I remembered that this was the reason I had started the whole project in the first place!  I got out of line and started to inspect each and every item.  I still bought some clothes, but it was a percentage of what I had before.  I bought a vivid blue lace dress for $15 and a pair of thick, stripped, tights with a little bit of glitter in them.

It’s pretty similar to this Monsoon blue lace dress ($128)
The real dress (sorry for the poor quality!)
Oooh. They’re sparkly!

It’s difficult to imagine making it through a whole year without making these small purchases.  Before, I went out today I had no intention of buying anything except for my movie ticket and some popcorn.  I definitely do not need the dress or tights, but still it does feel nice to have a bold blue dress to wear for the holidays (and that’s probably how long it will last).  After the events of today, I know I have a BIG challenge ahead of me next year.  I might even be taken out early with those after-Christmas sales! Just kidding!  I hope.

Wish me luck!

-Material Detox


6 thoughts on “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”

    1. Thank you! It’ll definitely take a lot of self-control to make it through the whole year. But, I’m hoping that by knowing people are following my journey with me, that I’ll be stronger because I won’t only be disappointing myself but all my followers, too!

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