Show me the money!

A “What’s in my…wallet?”  This isn’t just a post about what’s in my wallet (well it is), I also want to talk about the relationship we have with our wallets.  Our wallets tell so much about ourselves.  In my wallet, I have my I.D., my insurance card, my blood donor card, my very important VIB Sephora card, my debit card, my credit card, my public transportation pass, receipts, and of course money.  Along with my keys, my wallet is the one thing I absolutely cannot forget about whenever I leave my apartment.  I used to have a very small, sleek, front pocket wallet, however I found it to be an inconvenient way to organize all my cards, cash, and coins.  I bought a Kate Spade zip around wallet for all the compartments, the coin pouch, and the secure zipper.  I love this wallet!  It’s a dark green wallet (not as bright as in the picture) with beautiful, soft leather.

KATE SPADE COBBLE HILL LACEY (Right now, on sale for $99)
Many, many compartments for easy organization!
My life in a wallet!

My wallet has everything I need to purchase items, go to the hospital, drive (legally), take public transportation, and acts as a convenient way to store my daily receipts.  I realize every time I make a purchase, I must look in my wallet and I’m faced with 3 choices: pay with debit, credit, or cash.  My wallet enables me to buy items, which is great, but at the same time, I have noticed that ever since I got a debit and credit card, I started to spend a lot more than before.

Shortly after this realization, I came up with an idea- what if I took out my debit and credit card?  What if every time I made a purchase, I had to fork over cold, hard cash to the cash register?  I think I would give myself much more time to make a decision to purchase an item because I would immediately feel the “pain” of my wallet, literally getting thinner.  I will try this for a week starting on November 17th to see how it affects my spending habits, hopefully it will teach me more self control!  I have 48 dollars and change to last me.  I’ll be updating my blog everyday this week to see how this goes!

Would your spending be affected if you took out your credit/debit cards from your wallet for a week?

-Material Detox


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