A Week Without Credit Cards: Day 1

Today, I slept in as it was Sunday (yay for sleep!).  I woke up and ate toasted bread and butter for breakfast.  That’s when I knew my biggest obstacle this week for money spent will be FOOD.  I love food and I love eating heavy meals.  Yesterday, I ate Buckhorn Grill’s Tri-tip platter.  It was good, but wasn’t the “best tri-tip on the planet” as they claim, but I’m not complaing.  Their service was extremely fast (you eat for free if your meal isn’t ready within 5 minutes from the time you order it!).


As you can see, that’s a lot of food!  I wasn’t able to finish it all in one sitting so I brought the leftovers home and ate it for lunch today (still delicious).  While I was eating my lunch, I realized that I was really going to have to be careful with my money this week if I didn’t want to starve.  I think I’ll use most of my money on groceries tomorrow and make most of my meals at home (my mom would be proud).  I also have a few meal points left to spend at my university’s dining halls (I’m allowed to use points which have already been paid for, right?).

This may sound naive, but before college, I didn’t realize just how expensive eating out would be.  I’m used to my mom making all my meals for me and I definitely can’t cook like her so eating out is really the only time I get to eat wholesome, delicious, dinners.  At my apartment, I live off ramen and sandwiches, which taste great, but aren’t exactly the healthiest food choices.  I’ve more than doubled the amount spent on food since I started college, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I am used to food being provided for me at home, but still it’s something I can budget by going grocery shopping and cooking homemade meals instead of eating out all the time.

Well, before this turns into a foodie blog, I’ll stop writing (once, I start talking about food, I can’t stop!).

Any tips or easy recipes to help an (almost) starving college student?

-Material Detox


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