Have I Set Myself up for Failure?

Looking at my list for project 10 pan, I think I can finish half of the products up within a few months.  The eyeshadows will probably take a  year (the perfect amount of time), however I’m worried that I won’t be able to finish theBalm’s DownBoy blush.  In fact, I don’t think I have every finished a whole blush before.


This blush in particular has 0.35 oz. of product.  That’s a lot more than a standard blush (Nars Orgasm has 0.16 oz.).  I’ve had it since August and it has been my go-to blush for the last couple months, yet, I still have barely made a mark on it.  I won’t be buying cosmetics or clothes for the next year and in addition I can’t buy any more makeup til I’ve finished my project 10 pan.  What if I don’t finish this blush by Dec. 31, 2013?  This blush will be the downfall of me!

Or not.  Perhaps, I should be troubled more from the fact that I have never finished a blush before, yet I own six different types of blushes.  Maybe by using every bit of blush before I purchase another cosmetic item, I will learn that I really don’t need as much makeup as I think I do and as much as I own right now.

Have you ever completely used up a blush before?

-Material Detox


4 thoughts on “Have I Set Myself up for Failure?”

  1. Never finished a blush (because I’m similar to you in that I own too much makeup). However, three ideas: lip gloss + blush = colored lip gloss, change up your blush by doing something more 80’s-inspired (read: blush near your temples), and finally, chase family and friends around while offering makeovers.

    1. Thank you for the great tips! I can kill two birds with one stone for the first tip! I’ll be doing a lot of experimenting on myself and friends (or, should I say victims?) so I can find out more ways to use my makeup!

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