A Week Without Credit Cards: Day 2, Grocery Shopping!

I don’t know how to cook.  I’ve tried and I can make simple pasta dishes and that’s about it, unless you count microwaving hot pockets and making ramen (ah, the life of a college student) so when I go grocery shopping it tends to be pretty simple.  My favorite grocery store is Trader Joe’s, mainly because they make my favorite Chinese Style Chicken Salad.  They go for $3.99 for a pretty substancial box that can suffice me for lunch.  As I won’t be going home for Thanksgiving, I thought I should stock up on them and grab a few more things so I don’t starve live off ramen during the short holiday weekend.

ImageAlthough I wanted to grab every scrumptious bit of food I saw there, I restrained myself so that I would only buy what I truly wanted/needed.  I noticed that when I knew exactly how much money I had, I became more careful in what I chose to buy.  This is what I bought:

  1. A Jar of Organic Marinara Sauce – $2.29
  2. Chinese Style Chicken Salad – $3.99 x3 = $11.97
  3. A Pack of Sliced Black Forest Ham- $2.49
  4. A 12 oz. bag of Baby Spinach- $1.99
  5. A Pack of Sliced Salami- $3.99
  6. A Pack of Sliced Swiss Cheese- $3.99
  7. A Reusable Bag- $0.99

This comes to a grand total of $27.80.  I now have 21 dollars and change to last the rest of the week, that’s pretty good.  As you can tell, I mostly live off sandwiches.  I still have to go and buy bread from my favorite local bakery, but over all I’m pretty happy with my outing. Usually I spend quite a bit more on chips, salsa, and ice cream, which isn’t necessarily bad, but I still have plenty of snacks that I should finish first.

Shopping for groceries today, made me realize how I also need to be more careful how I spend money on food.  $27.80 would have probably lasted me for 3-4 meals if I ate out.  Spending 27.80 on groceries will last me for about 8 meals.  In the long run, I can cut down on my spending while still being happily stuffed.  Perhaps, I will also learn how to cook next year!  That will help distract me from focussing on material objects and perhaps shift my focus to improving myself (like, say learning to cook?).

What was the first meal you learned how to fully cook? (Ramen does not count!)

-Material Detox


3 thoughts on “A Week Without Credit Cards: Day 2, Grocery Shopping!”

  1. My mom told me about this- fry up some bacon until crispy and put aside. Saute cabbage in the bacon fat- it shrinks. Boil some egg noodles. Toss the cabbage with cooked noodles and break up the bacon and throw it it.

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