I’ll have what she’s having

At the end of July, I made what I consider to be one of the worst decisions ever in terms of beauty.  I chopped off 16 inches of hair!  I was looking at all the beautiful, chic, women with short, chopped hair that looked wonderfully stylish, daring, and sexy.  While the haircut itself was wonderful, it did not suit me.  Instead of looking fashion-forward, I looked awkward, older (not in a good way), and tired.  I did not look like the women in the pictures, I looked like me with an ill-suited haircut.

Now, I really did need to get rid of those 16 inches as it was all damaged hair.  I have inherited the unfortunate characteristic of having pre-mature gray hair (my grandpa was almost completely gray by the time he was 30).  Since the 6th grade, I have dyed my hair every 4-6 weeks.  This destroyed my hair and had made me want to chop it off in the first place.  However, now that it is short, all I want is to have long hair that can be tied up in a cute bun or pony tail.

I have been taking Biotin and a daily multivitamin to help strengthen my hair and perhaps make it grow faster, however, my hair only grew an inch-and-a-half since I had cut it, which is about the average rate of hair growth.  Still, I can be quite impatient, so I ordered Nisim F.A.S.T. shampoo and conditioner.  F.A.S.T. is an acronym for “Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy”.  If I were to use an analogy for how it works, I would say it kinda works like plant food where you put the nutrients right at the top of the soil (sorry, this is not a very good analogy).  Before I bought it, I read many mixed reviews all over beauty websites, amazon, and youtube.  Needless to say, I was nervous by the reviews and intimidated by the price ($25 for the duo, 12 oz. each).  However, one girl on youtube seemed to be having amazing results with this duo which finally convinced me to take the plunge and give F.A.S.T. a chance.


I’ve been using this product for about a month and my hair may have grown a smidge faster than usual, but definitely not anything significant.  However, as far as a shampoo and condition goes, I quite like this combo.  I don’t think my hair grows “99% faster” and perhaps it doesn’t even grow faster at all, however I do think it has made my hair thicker, stronger, softer, and much more manageable.  It smells like nice, pleasant, salon shampoo, but it is quite drying.  This is combatted by their amazing conditioner, which has made my hair the softest it has ever been.

Overall, it is a great shampoo and conditioner.  However, it is pricy and doesn’t do (for me) what it claims it does.  Sigh, perhaps I should not try to rush mother nature and just hope for the best.

Have you ever had a horrible haircut and if so, what did you do to change it?

-Material Detox


8 thoughts on “I’ll have what she’s having”

  1. This happened to me a few years ago. My hair was at the shoulders and I wanted to cut a little bit. But the woman cut everything and I left the beauty salon looking like a boy. I was so angry. I thought about going bald, but no, I accepted my new haircut and never cut my hair again. ^^

      1. Years!!! 4 or 5 years or a bit more, I can’t remember. Now my hair is in the middle of my back. Sorry any mistake, but English is still a bit difficult to me.

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