A Week Without Credit Cards: Day 3, And Away We Go

So, I have failed in my experiment to go a week without credit cards.  However, perhaps, you will find it in your heart to pardon my one credit card purchase?

This morning, I received an email from my professor, informing the class that tomorrows class is cancelled due to his illness.  As I was really missing my mom and brothers, I used this as an excuse and decided to catch a last minute flight back home and spend time with them for the extended weekend.  So, yes, I did use my credit card to purchase tickets.  However, aside from the plane tickets, which were bought for a very special reason, I have not used my credit card to make any purchases.

So even though I have already failed in my experiment, I will still continue for the rest of the week to try and not make any more purchases by credit card.  That being said, I’ll begin with what I have bought today with my remaining cash.  First, I spent about $9 to get to the airport and then at the airport I spent $11 on food (ridiculous airport prices!).  This leaves me with 7 dollars and change left.  I think this is a fairly good amount as I will definitely eat my mom’s delicious food that I’ve missed so much over this weekend!

A Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to all of you!

-Material Detox


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