A Week Without Credit Cards: Day 7, Back to School

Yesterday was the last day in my “Week Without Credit Cards” challenge.  If you have been following along, you know that I failed because I booked last minute flights back home for Thanksgiving.  However, aside from the plane tickets, I did not use my credit/debit cards.  I started off with roughly $50, with most of it going towards groceries and public transportation (to and from the airport).  I was also reimbursed $7 for a school funded field trip, however, I still had to borrow a few dollars to cover my fare back from the airport.

This challenge was a lot more difficult than I had originally anticipated.  Aside from it ending in total failure, I think it was pretty successful (well, you know what I mean).  However, I think it was worth it as it gave me new insights to my personal spending habits.  When I was working on a budget and knowing that I only could spend the cash I had on hand, I was much more careful and choosy in what I bought.  It became easier to see what items I need and which items were superflous (lippies!).

It may seem like only a little bit at first…but it adds up pretty quick!

If you’re anything like me, you would understand that somehow every time I shop at Target/CVS/Walgreens, I come out with a cosmetic product.  I have so many drugstore lip products and I know I don’t need any more, yet I still buy more.  Yes, this addiction has ended ever since I started project 10 pan (which eventually led to this blog), but sometimes I still find myself perusing the makeup aisles.  Those weekly “small thrills” add up pretty quickly and I estimate that I’ll save at least $200 on cosmetics next year.

I think it would be healthy to do this challenge on a monthly/bi-monthly basis.  I may implement this into my routine as I think it will help me save money in the long run.  I came up with a few rules if I (or you!!!) decide to take on this challenge, again.

  1. The budget is $50 per person (say if you’re the one responsible for groceries for a family of 4, thats $50×4 = $200)
  2. You can’t purchase items online!
  3. Rent or bills do not count (and other routine expenses)
The more you save, the less you need

Would you ever take this challenge?

-Material Detox


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