Mysterious Eyes and Polka Dot Tights

Now that I’m finally done with the fall semester (yes, I survived!) I’ve been doing a bit of shopping (shame on me, I know, I know).  Since I’ll be going to Boston in January for about a week and a half before my spring semester starts, I thought I should grab a few extra sweaters and other cold weather gear (bonus for dressing cute for the end of the world!).

This is my first sweater.  It’s the forever 21 “Mysterious Eyes” Sweater in cream.  It’s $27.80 (pretty pricy in my opinion), 75% nylon, and 25% rabbit hair which is great for keeping me warm (not so great if you don’t like rabbit hair clinging to everything else you wear/come in contact with). This also matches wonderfully with a vintage Louis Vuitton “Noé” that I have procured recently.


My 2nd sweater is something I could not resist!  I’m a huge nintendo fan in case you couldn’t tell.  Although it’s no longer sold online, I still think you can find it in stores.  I bought it for $19.80 and I’m loving it to bits!  I think it may become my favorite sweater for lounging around my apartment.


I also purchased two pairs of tights.  One with white polka dots and one with pink hearts.  I love wearing tights under my shorts, skits, and dresses.  The little extra decoration adds a little flair to my outfits as an alternative to my plain black tights.

25100688-02 17307207-05

Like this post if you’d like to see an in-depth review of the Louis Vuitton Noé!



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5 thoughts on “Mysterious Eyes and Polka Dot Tights”

  1. I know how it feels being a student and not having enough money to buy clothes and things on myself but when I could it’s nice to splurge a bit on yourself, it, makes you feel human again. Good luck on your studies, I know how it feels like but the years will go by without noticing and once you finish your studies you can get a nice job and then buy all the stuff you want. 🙂 btw thank you for following my blog

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