Louis Vuitton Reveal!

I was fortunate to receive a Louis Vuitton Noé over the holiday break from my aunt. It was hers in the 80’s when she went to college. The date code indicates it was made in April 1987. Also, I’m very pleased that it was actually made in France (unlike my pochette accesoires made in the U.S.A.). It has aged beautifully and the monogram canvas looks as fresh as my more recent Louis Vuitton bags. The leather has patinated beautifully (Patina is a phenomenon that occurs in the vachetta or untreated cowhide leather on your bag. When the leather is new, the color is very pale beige. Over years of use, it darkens to its full patina in various stages, to deep honey brown. which is it’s final dark patinated color. Patination is caused by oxidation, sunlight, weather, oil in your hands and dirt.) Also, a patinated bag is proof that a Louis Vuitton is genuine and honestly, I kinda love the vintage look it gives the bag. Plus, the honey colored leather complements the monogram canvas.

It’s like a fine wine, it gets better with age.
date code from the 80s
made in France!

Here is a little history of the bag (in case, you’re interested):

The Noe was first introduced in the early 1930’s when a champagne house contacted the Louis Vuitton company to make a bag that would hold 5 bottles of champagne. The bag still serves this function: 4 bottles with the bottom down and the 5th inverted and nestled between the others. However, its bottle carrying capacity notwithstanding, the bag is primarily used as a practical city bag for everyday use. This drawstring bag comes in two sizes: the Noe itself (10″ x 13″ or 26cm x 34cm, pictured) and the smaller Petite Noe (9″ x 11″ or 24cm x 27cm). By the way, the name Noe is French for Noah, who was not only famous for loading animals on the Arc two by two, but for his ability to consume wine. (http://kunkun.tripod.com/LV.htm)

Obviously, I don’t use the bag for carrying around bottles of champagne (usually ;)) but I use it as a everyday casual tote. It’s extremely roomy and I can fit my large kate spade wallet, my planner, a book, a scarf, a water bottle, my pochette, a full-size hair brush, with room to spare (I can even fit my 13in. macbook air!).

All of this…
…fits here!

This bag is not in mint condition, but I still love it and I’m not afraid to ruin a “new” bag.

water marks
wear and tear from over the years

Please like this post to see what’s in my makeup pouch (the pochette!).


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4 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Reveal!”

  1. That bag is awesome! I especially love that it is not only vintage but that it was given to you by your aunt. I guess the fact that it is in such excellent shape is a testament to the quality not to mention that it was well loved by it’s first owner.

    1. Thanks! Yup, and its been worn many, many times! She used it for her book bag back when she went to college. Plus, she told me back then the bag was $350! Now its $1240!! I would say that was a pretty good investment! 🙂

  2. I have a bag like that and it’s not in as good as shape as yours,but it was also my Mother’s so it means more to me…I was wondering does yours have a stamp on side middle seam down at the bottom?

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