Products I Regret Buying (Day 6)

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Youtube topic of products people regret buying.  I think it’s a really good topic and I thought I would share what products I regret buying.

Buxom Samantha’s Smoky Eye:


I got this set on sale at Sephora for $20 back in August.  I thought that was a really good deal for a full size lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, and blending brush.  However, I was utterly disappointed in the quality of the products.  The eyeliner was hard to use and smudged alot and eventually just broke so I had to throw it out.  The brush was rough and scratchy and did not blend well at all.  I much prefer the ELF studio line blending brush for $3.00.  The lip gloss may be a good size but I rarely wear lip gloss (I’m a lipstick kinda gal) and the plumping formula is uncomfortable, especially when I already have pouty lips.  The mascara was probably the best product from the whole kit and I’m glad it was full size but the formula barely did anything for my lashes.  Overall, I think I could have spent $20 towards something I actually used.

Clarisonic Mia:


Okay, so this is a much hyped product and I know so many people absolutely love it (and it has worked wonders for my boyfriend), but as my skin is super sensitive and dry, it did not work for me.  Even with the “sensitive” brush head, it was just too harsh and made my skin dryer and flaky. Pretty disappointed especially since it cost $119.

Simple Kind to Skin Vita Vitamin Day Cream:


As I’ve stated, I have extremely sensitive skin so I was super excited with the launch of Simple products in the States.  However, I developed a rash after using their day cream that took about two weeks to fully subside.  Needless to say, this was a waste of $10.

M.A.C. Look in a Box “Rocker Chick”:


This set was around $50 and cames with eye shadows in Electra (frost, silver with icy shimmer) and Black Tied (velvet, black with silver sparkle).  I think M.A.C. is a bit overrated and I honestly almost never reach for these colors.  It also came with a lipstick in hue, which is a frosty, soft, nude, pink that is actually quite pretty but looks awful on me.  It also came with a lipglass in oyster girl, which is a pearly pink, which again is too nude for me and since I don’t like to use gloss anyway was a let down.  The eye kohl in smolder smudges like crazy and has no staying power, but I still keep it around just in case.  The Dazzle Lash Mascara in Black Dazzle was pretty but honestly nothing special to me.  This kit reinforced my opinion that M.A.C. is pretty unimpressive (no offense to anyone who loves Mac products).

What products do you regret buying?  I “tag” anyone who reads this to do their own post about what products you regret buying and why.

Thanks for reading!

-Material Detox


12 thoughts on “Products I Regret Buying (Day 6)”

  1. That is a major bummer about the Clarisonic. I was a little surprised to see M.A.C. on your list as I have been pretty happy with their products, especially their lipstick. But I’m sure you know the saying “different strokes for different folks.” lol Great post though! I for one find it helpful to see what doesn’t work for people and why just as much as what people are raving about.

    1. I’m also pretty bummed out about M.A.C. as well because most of my friends love it! I don’t know what it is, but somehow it just doesn’t work for me :(. I can’t wait to see your list, if you have one!

  2. I’ve never been a huge fan of MAC except for their brow pencil in Dirty Blonde which they have discontinued (major bummer). I have their gel eye liner and by the end of the night I end up looking like a raccoon. However their liquid liner (once you get used to it) works wonders and has staying power like I’ve never seen before!

    I have sensitive skin myself, and for a face cream I use a very small amount of organic coconut oil and Organic Shea Butter for the rest of my body, since it is heavier.

    1. Yup! I’m definitely NOT saying M.A.C. isn’t a good makeup brand (it is one of the best ones out there), just that for me, most of their products don’t work. That being said, there are a few products from M.A.C. that I have used and absolutely loved like M.A.C. fix plus! Also, I really want to dry out the organic oil and butter now! Thanks for the tip!

  3. I was surprised to see the Mia and MAC on this list. I suspect you have a vendetta against products that begin with the letter ‘m’… By the way, I’m loving the idea of this list- very helpful (even if I am a MAC girl and have been so impressed with the Mia that I have forced friends to feel my skin).

    1. Oooh, perhaps I do have a subconscious vendetta against products that beging the letter ‘m’! Maybe, my “dislike” for M.A.C. stems from a really bad skin breakout/freakout from using one of their foundations! I suspect my dry to very dry skin combined with how sensitive it is makes it difficult for me to find products that really work. However, I truly believe the Mia is amazing because I have seen it do wonders for my boyfriend and other friends which just made me more frustrated :(.
      I would love to see your list, too! I find it very helpful seeing what works or doesn’t work for others.

  4. I just recently got some MAC lipsticks after a hiatus and I like them. I used to wear Oyster Girl, too! I have to agree with you on the Buxom liner- Bare Minerals liners really are not good.

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