Goodbye Dry Winter Skin! (Day 7)

As I’ve stated (or rather, complained about) before, I have extremely dry and sensitive skin! Every winter, my skin becomes a nightmare to deal with.  I get flaky patches of skin on my forehead, around my mouth, and sometimes on my cheeks!  It looks awful and putting makeup on top of it, makes it looks worse!

I’ve been experimenting with an inundation of products to help my skin type and this year I have been loving Clinique skin care products!  They (usually) work for me because they are “Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.”  For my everyday lotion I’ve been using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and it has done wonders for my skin!  It greatly improved the texture of my skin and gives me a radiant complexion.


However, I still needed something a bit stronger and thicker for the winter weather.  As I’ve been absolutely swept away by their other products, I have gave Clinique Moisture Surge Intense for Very Dry to Dry Combination skin a chance and I love it!  Within a day of using this, my flaky skin started to subside and now my skin is almost as smooth and soft as it was in the summer, except for a very rough, troublesome, patch of skin on the corner of my mouth.


What products, if any, do you use to combat winter skin?


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