Insta-Glam! (Day 10)

Nothing makes me feel more glamorous than wearing my red Chanel lipstick.  It makes me feel instantly pretty and classy (just watch out for the color “bleeding”!).  When I add a pair of shades, I feel confident!


Anyway, this leads to my current thoughts.  Many people think that women wear clothes/makeup for men (which is only partly true).  I can assure you, that women wear makeup/clothes first and foremost for themselves!  Wearing makeup that enhances my features makes me feel more confident which I think is the key characteristic that makes anyone look more attractive.  When I (think I) look great, I feel great!

Also, I feel that personal style is an extension of our personalities.  Clothing gives us the additional option to express ourselves through appearance.  If we were really dressing up for men, we would walk around pretty much butt-naked (let’s be honest).  It may sound shallow, but I truly believe a wonderful purse or awesome pair of shades is worth the cost if it makes me feel prettier/classier/awesomer!

Do you agree or disagree?  Also, what do you do for a boost of confidence?


Material Detox


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