Minimize (Day 11)

Along with spending too much money on clothes and makeup, my realization of how much clutter and stuff I have in general made me want to do this challenge.  I realized how much easier life is without all the “excess.”  I have found out the hard way that less is truly more.  Born in L.A. and in America in general, I grew up with this “consumerist” view of life.  I bought the notion that having more, buying more, buying more expensive items, meant that I was better off.  In fact, the opposite became true.  As I bought more, owned more, I became worse off because I stopped valuing the items I already had.

This year isn’t just about spending less, it’s about appreciation.  Appreciation for items that I have lying around, appreciation for the clothes I have, and most importantly appreciation that I am blessed with a life where I have problems such as this.

Hopefully this challenge will teach me more lessons because I certainly did not think about this before I started the challenge.



Material Detox


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