Trying it on!

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went shopping at Copley Place.  We were passing by the Louis Vuitton store when my boyfriend asked if I wanted to go check the bags out (cause he reads my blog).  Of course, I said “yes”.  However, once inside I felt rather timid, kind of in a state of mild shock by the amount of bags (and really not all of them were that cute).  My boyfriend kind of just pulled me along and went up to the salesperson and asked to see the Speedy 30 in the monogram and it looked so beautiful!  I also got to compare it with the damier azur print, which is the cream and grey checkered one.  I did not like that one nearly as much, especially since once the leather handles starts to patina, or turn golden, it would not look as great with that pattern as much as it would with the monogram.


Still, I loved the shape of the bag so much!  I really don’t have any purses in this shape, let alone any satchels really.  Of course, I didn’t buy the purse, but it was really nice to try on and see the bag I’m lusting over in person.  It also comes in the damier ebene print, which I did not try on because the print looks a bit masculine to me (though still beautiful).



Which print do you like the best?



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