So I Cheated…Kind-of

I promise I really did not mean to purchase anything today.  Today started off great with lunch with my boyfriend, my sister, her fiancé, who both live over in Cambridge.  We ate at a cute japanese restaurant and then took a little stroll on Newbury where we eventually said our good-byes and parted ways.  My boyfriend and I continued walking around and we ended up at the apple store and then we (okay, I begged) to check out the Marshalls on Boylston.


So there I was at Marshalls (my guilty pleasure) and since I’ve been a little purse crazy lately I wanted to go check out what purses they were selling today on the 2nd floor.  So as my boyfriend and I boarded the escalator, I looked around and in the corner of my eye I noticed something that looked oddly familiar.  It was large, quilted, and red with gold metal accents.  I almost screamed and ran up the rest of the steps and picked up the purse from the rack.  In pristine condition, with the original Michael Kors tissue padding, was the Michael Kors Hamilton Stud Quilt Large North/South Tote, the exact same bag I blogged about just a couple days ago.  I looked around the rest of the racks and realized that this was the only one in the whole store.  I came across many other Michael Kors, mostly the outlet version Hamiltons in orange and gold (no thank you) and a hot pink satchel (also, no thank you).  So then I turned back to my coveted purse and inspected the bag and everything was in-tact, I even found a carefully folded, untouched dustbag tucked between the padding.  This is pretty exciting to me because if you have any experience with Marshalls, it’s pretty common for purses (even designer ones) to not have padding and they almost never come with a dust bag!  Finally, after I was satisfied with the state of the bag, I finally looked at the price-tag, the moment of truth.  I knew I was not going to pay for it if it was over the sale price on Zappos which is $314.99.  So I looked at the price and I was even more ecstatic!  It was not only less than the Zappos price, it was less than $300!  It was a reasonable $269.99!  It was $45 cheaper than Zappos and $178 off MSRP!  “But…wait!  I’m not supposed to buy CLOTHES this year!” a little voice inside my head told me.  Then another voice chimed in and told me “but a purse doesn’t really count as ‘clothes’ right?…right??”


This small inner battle lasted a for a few more minutes and my boyfriend seeing me muttering to myself and making odd faces with pauses to admire the purse finally took the purse out of my hands!  I thought he would put an end to my misery and put the purse back on the rack, but instead he took it and went over to the home goods section.  Wait..what just happened?  I followed him and then he said it’s a really nice purse and he would buy it as a late Christmas present!  Again, I think I have the best. boyfriend. in. the. whole. entire. world!

So yes, I did get something new, and it’s not even the end of January yet and I’m sorry, but I love it!  Also, what came as a surprise to me is that the MK lock actually unlocks with the hidden key that pops out of the leather tab like thing hanging off the side!  You can unlock it and the purse expands which allows you to put a lot more stuff in the purse!  Also what I love about the quilted design is that it doesn’t get the “saggy” look that other Hamiltons are prone to.  Image


I apologize for my failure, but…what do you think of the purse?  I’m the type to dress crazy bold and this purse was definitely up my alley!


Material Not-So Detox


17 thoughts on “So I Cheated…Kind-of”

  1. I was partially inspired by your blog to not buy anything for three months, but I can totally justify this purse. Not only did you want it, but it’s pretty damn perfect and it was majorly on sale.

  2. Love Michael Kors and I absolutely love that bag!! You are also one lucky girl to have a man that can not only recognize your pain, but then find a way to solve the problem (my hubby’s an obsessive money hoarder). I wouldn’t go too hard on yourself. 🙂

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