Butter me up!

Revlon lip butters!
I know I’m probably late to the hype, and I can’t believe I haven’t talked about these before but I love revlon lip butters!  I have dry skin and my lips are usually chapped and to be honest, they look gross.  I have used so many lip balms/conditioners/butters and this product is by far my favorite.   The colors they offer are lovely and they leave my lips looking glossy and SMOOTH!  In fact not only do they look smoother, my lips have actually improved and have become softer overall!  Needless to say I bought a bunch last year so I probably don’t need any more for the rest of the year.
Right now, I’ve been using “fig jam” which is a really pretty fall/winter color.  It’s a dark burgundy that is much more subtle than I thought it would be.
My favorite color of all time is “sugar plum” and I’ve already been through 2 tubes of it!Revlon-Colorburst-Lip-Butter_Sugar-Plum
Of course the cons to the product is that it fades fast so I have to reapply often and there isn’t much product in each tube.  They’re a bit pricy as they go from about 7-10 dollars depending on where and when you buy it.
Have you tried revlon lip butters, if so what do you think of them?
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6 thoughts on “Butter me up!”

  1. I like Cherry Tart, it’s actually a pretty pigmented bright red (for a lip balm). I got four of the Clinique Almost Lipsticks thinking they would be similar but they barely gave any color & I had chosen some of the darker shades…so disappointing! I think the Revlon Lip Butters are great, I just wish there were more colors that didn’t have shimmer/glitter.

    1. Ooohh I have Candy Apple and it’s also super pigmented and bright! I’ve never tried the Clinique stuff (a bit pricy) but I’m glad you warned me about them! Thanks for the tip! I also agree Revlon Lip Butters need to come out with more matte colors!

  2. I might have gotten a dud! I got a Peach Parfait one and it was just really gritty and not moisturising at all 😦 I was sad… but it made it a complete turn off for me. I love your ‘Year Without Excess’. Salut!

    1. I find their nude colors to be complete duds. I bought the creme brulee and it was gritty for me as well. I highly recommend their other colors though especially “sugar plum” 🙂 and thank you ❤

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