Material Diet

I feel as though my “no spending for a year” is pretty similar to a diet- instead of food, it’s makeup and clothes!  Now, this is pretty tough, I have definitely cut my spending by a lot (more than half) since I started and my perspective has slowly changed as well.

I used to watch youtube “my makeup collection” videos and I used to be extremely jealous of all the makeup other people had.  Now, I’m not really jealous at all.  Sometimes too much is simply too much.  After seeing someone, I won’t name who, who had a whole cabinet devoted solely to lip products, I was really happy I didn’t have that much.  There were about 9 drawers full of lipstick, lipgloss, and lip treatments (and this was after she gave away 70% of her stuff).   Needless to say, maybe I am a bit jealous of her nicer items, but overall it just seemed a bit bizarre to have that many lip products.  I’m lucky if I get through 4-5 tubes a YEAR.  Compared to some, I have a reasonable amount, and by reasonable I mean ONE traincase of makeup, not completely filled up.  Still, that is too much to me because I hate throwing away makeup that I haven’t really used (that expired) because I was busy using all my other products.  By the end of this year my goal is to have 2-5 items of any “type” of product, i.e. foundation, powder, eyeshadow palettes, lip stick, lip gloss, or blush.

Pretty much all my makeup (a few things are back in my bf’s apartment in Boston)

So I’ll be starting a “series” ( I don’t know what to call it) of what I do have, so yes, it is my own “makeup collection”.

However, on the clothes aspect of things, I really don’t have a lot, but still I don’t want to buy random stuff that I’ll only wear for a season just because I found it on sale (I want to find something on sale that is timeless :))  So I was thinking like a diet, maybe I can do one “cheat day” a month.  Obviously, I can’t just buy everything on that day (that would ruin the point of my project) but I can buy ONE item that cannot exceed in price over $50 that I can justify by using it for AT LEAST two years.  I feel by letting myself have one cheat item a month I will be less tempted to buy things and it can be a little “reward” for sticking to my plan.

What do you think?  Will this do more harm than good?


Material Detox


9 thoughts on “Material Diet”

  1. I’ve been on a diet too. Actually, I lost my “appetite” for spending so much just because I feel like I have too much as well. Also, I agree re: people’s makeup collections! I respect that you want to spend your money on makeup but whole closets for LIPSTICK is a bit too much. Anyway, good luck! 🙂

    1. Good luck to you too! Please do updates on how you’ve cut back and what not 🙂 I seriously think some people honestly have just too much. I know not one person who would be able to go through 100+ tubes of lip products within 2 years (if not a lifetime). 🙂 and a BIG thank you!!

      1. Well, I’m still waiting for a few shipments LOL. But I haven’t been buying much clothes-wise and makeup-wise after I flushed away my need for new things.

  2. When I was still a student, I had to go by much less products and I was doing ok, I still looked great in the weekends. When I started working I started purchasing stuff like a maniac but because I could finally afford the stuff I wanted. Now I am slowly loosing my craving for buying a lot of beauty products.

    1. Oh gosh..all my troubles started when I started working two years ago! I still mostly saved all my money for school, which I’m paying for by myself plus scholarships. Still because I had cash, I finally was able to buy new clothes and makeup and I went a bit overboard. Now I’m basically in the same position as you. ❤

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