It’s all about the eyes! (Take 2)

To continue with my “makeup collection”, I have all my eyeliners out today!


To continue with the format of the last four parts of my makeup series (Links for the last 4: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) I’m just going to dive in and talk about what I have and what I like/dislike about the product.

Make up For Ever Aqua Eyes Liner in Matte Black (0L):


This is a decent eyeliner that has decent staying power, but it’s not that pigmented!  It’s more of a dark grey than a true black.

theBalm Schwing liquid liner:


This has a felt tip applicator, but it’s not a “marker” liner.  It has a matte finish.  This makes for a precise, thin, black line with ease.  The only problem I have with this liner is that it’s a pain to remove because it’s not waterproof, it runs down all over my face.

M.A.C. eye kohl in smolder:


This smudges like crazy and has no staying power.  I’m sure other M.A.C. liners are better but kohls in general tend to be too smudgy for me.

Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liner in Perversion:


My go to liner.  It stays on most of the day with minimal smudging. It glides on easy like

butter.  My only complaint is that it runs out too quickly because I’m constantly sharpening it to get the pointed end to be well, pointy!

Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner in Perversion:


My favorite liquid liner. This thing has amazing staying power and is not too difficult to apply.

Sephora Glitter Black Liner:


This is such a pretty liner!  It’s a waterproof, retractable liner with some glitter in it.

It has a surprising amount of pigment for a Sephora brand linerand has decent staying power.  Perfect for a night out!

Buxom Insider eyeliner in Black Jasper:


Buxom liners are just awful!  This is no exception.  It’s a pain to apply, has almost zero staying power, and horrible pigmentation.  This is a warning: stay away!

So that’s it! ❤ Thanks for reading!  What are your favorite liners?


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