Spring Break

First of all, Congrats to Lisa for winning the Urban Decay Mariposa palette giveaway!  Also, thank you so much to everyone who participated.  I hope to hold more in the future so stay around for more awesome giveaways (and also my posts!).

I know my posting has been highly erratic and I sincerely apologize, but my life has been pretty crazy recently.  I had my spring break last week and decided to take a last minute flight to visit my grandparents in Japan!  It was pricy but completely worth it!  I hadn’t been to Japan in almost a decade and it was wonderful seeing it again.  Back then, I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the beauty and kindness the country had to offer.  I got to visit Kyoto, which is  the old capital of Japan, and a few other places as well.

Here are some photos:


I’m now trying to get back into the groove of posting and I have some ideas for my upcoming posts, such as a Project 10 update and a small clothing haul.



Material Detox



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