When to Throw Away Your Makeup

Hello fellow detoxers!

You wouldn’t keep expired milk or moldy cheese in your fridge would you?  That’s just plain unhygienic!  Well, in case you didn’t know, makeup also expires and using expired makeup can have dire consequences!   Overtime, makeup accumulates dirt and bacteria that can lead to eye infections and skin rashes. These are just more reasons why I’m going to buy makeup minimally from now on and only buy products that I can realistically expect to finish before it expires.  This means I should also take into account how much makeup I already have and whether or not this product can truly fit into my daily routine.

Here is a list of beauty products and their expiration dates!  I know it may hurt, but if your makeup is expired, it may be time to part ways and do a little spring cleaning!  (Note: the expiration date is from the time you open the product.)

1. Powders and shadows: Approximately two-three years.


Yikes!  You may be tempted to keep powdered products longer because it seems to take forever to hit pan on these products!  I know I definitely don’t need all those eye shadow palettes, especially if I’m being honest, there is no way I can finish both my naked palettes even if those were the only eyeshadow palettes I owned!  Also, this is worrisome because I have already had the naked palette for almost two years now and the naked 2 palette since it came out at the end of 2011.  

2. Cream shadows/Eyeshadow Primers: Approximately 1-1.5 years.


In general, cream or liquid makeup does not last as long as dry makeup.  Here’s a tip: If it smells funky, it’s probably time to throw it out!  

3. Foundation:  1-2 years


Water-based foundation lasts about a year and an oil-based foundation may last up to two years.  Get rid of it, if you see a difference in it’s smell, texture, or color!  

4. Lipstick: Anywhere from 1-4 years.


Some say lipsticks should be kept for only a year, while other experts claim that lipsticks can last for up to 4 years.  What they do agree upon is that once it starts smelling, it’s time to go!  Extra tip: Storing lipstick in the fridge prolongs it’s life and keeps it from breaking!

5. Mascara & Liquid Liner: 3 months


One of the biggest mistakes that people make is keeping and using mascara or liquid liner for more than 3 months.  These products expire the fastest so make sure you replace these products routinely to prevent eye infections and contaminations and don’t make a habit of trying more than one mascara at a time because you’ll most likely be throwing away money.  Opt for a drugstore alternative for products like these as drugstore mascaras are pretty amazing and paying upwards of $20 for a high-end product will probably not pay off.

6. Pencil eyeliners & Pencil lipliners: 3-5 years


These products have a long life so don’t be afraid to splurge for ones that will work time and time again.  To keep it fresh and clean, make sure to sharpen them regularly.  

Here are some extra tips for knowing when your makeup is expired:

1. Go with your “nose”:  Seriously, if it smells, it’s for it to go!  The reason why the smell of makeup changes is usually because of bacteria.

2. Replace your makeup sponges weekly as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria.  Also wash your makeup brushes at least once a week for the same reason.

3. If you’re sick, try to use as little makeup as possible to avoid contaminating your products.


Well, I hope this post was informative and will help others when trying to find out whether your makeup is expired or not.  I’m now going to take a second look (and sniff!) at my makeup collection and tell you what I find!



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