How to create your dream closet!

Here you are, standing in front of a closetful of dresses, blouses, skirts, and any other imaginable piece of clothing and you think to yourself I have NOTHING to wear!  If you live in America, especially if you’re a woman (I don’t mean to be sexist), this situation may seem familiar to you.  


Now, obviously the problem isn’t the quantity or even variety of clothing, rather the problem are the kinds of clothing in the closet.  Let me try to clarify what I’m saying.  Have you noticed that despite all your clothes, you tend to pick out and wear the same pieces on a routine basis?  These pieces are the types of clothing you want in your closet, a.k.a. your wardrobe staples.  These are probably neutral pieces of clothing that match with each other such as the little black dress, a white dress shirt, a pair of dark wash denims, and perhaps a trench coat.  Imagine how much easier and how much more fulfilled you may feel if most of your wardrobe consisted of staples, rather than fluff pieces you don’t use on a regular enough basis.


Living in a society of mass consumption, many of us have been socialized into thinking material objects bring us happiness and they do!  Only to a certain point though, and we, as a society, have gone way past that point and too much of anything is a bad thing.  Every “season” we are told what to wear and what trends to follow and really this translates to “buy this, buy that, buy those”.  





Now, I’m not going to make a checklist of “wardrobe essentials every woman should have” because there are so many of those that can easily be googled, rather I’m going to give some tips on how to compile a great, personalized, closet for you, personally.

First, I would recommend taking a minimalist or parisian approach in building your closet.  By minimalism, I mean reducing your wardrobe to what you feel is the perfect amount of clothing for yourself.  I don’t mean to only wear clothing that is very simple.  Parisian women are famous for having only a handfull of pieces (around 10) for a season that they cycle through, accentuating with accessories for that effortlessly and classic chic look.  

Tip #1:  Look at what you have.  No, really look through every piece of your wardrobe from your scarves, dresses, to your shoes.  Ask yourself:

  1. How often do you wear this?  Be realistic, if you’ve had it for over a year and have only worn it a handful of times, it may be time to let go of it. 
  2. Does it have sentimental value?  Keep it, if it does.
  3. How many outfit combinations can you make with this item?
  4. What is the condition of this item?  Does it need to be dry-cleaned, tailored, or replaced?
  5. Does it flatter you?  Take note of how it flatters you.  Pay attention to the cut, where the hemline falls to, if the color complements your skin tone.  Also take note of what doesn’t flatter you and why it doesn’t work for you.

Now, separate your items into four piles: keep, tailor, donate, and throw-away (rag pile).  Build from what you have left and voila!  You have your perfect wardrobe that has room to grow!



Tip #2:  You’ll love this one!  Shop at your favorite shops!  Whether it’s their style, their quality, or a combination of things, shop at places that resonate with you.  Try on anything and everything you like. Take your time, don’t be impulsive, be realistic on whether it will fit into your daily wardrobe.  Only buy pieces that you fall in love with and fit you and your wardrobe absolutely perfectly!


Tip #3: Accessorize!  If you find yourself getting bored with your closet, pick out a statement jewelry piece, a pretty scarf, a pair of awesome sunglasses, a great handbag to give you the same satisfactory feeling of changing up your look without overcrowding your closet.



Tip #4:  Buy great shoes!  Be meticulous of finding a perfect pair of boots, flats, or pumps for yourself.  You must absolutely love every bit of it from the style, the fit, and the comfort.  Always take your time and do a couple laps around the store when trying them on to know whether they will give you blisters or if they truly fit and feel right.  Make sure they match your wardrobe and can be worn from day to night.

“Can I actually walk in these?”

If you follow these tips, you’re on your way to your dream wardrobe!  I hope this was helpful and please leave other tips you find important in creating a perfect wardrobe!



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