Dear all,

I have some very, very (okay, I’m exaggerating) serious news- I have bought makeup (CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC- DUN. DUN. DUN!!)Image

I know, I know.  After almost 6 months I really caved in and bought quite a bit of makeup from CVS in their so, so tempting “BOGO 50% off” deal of the week.

I have been eyeing Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate (Moss) lipsticks for the longest time and as I’ve never tried Rimmel before I kind of went to town.  I bought 3 of these bad boys- THREE.  Lord knows that I do NOT need more lipstick, but the shades were so bold and bright that I completely went nuts.  Plus the sleek, matte, black packaging was not helping either.  In the end, I bought all 3 for right around $10, which wouldn’t even buy me ONE M.A.C. lipstick.  I think that is a fantastic deal!

I really prefer this packaging over most drugstore lipsticks. It just has a subtle sexiness, yes?
I have to admit, that is quite a cute logo.

Anyway moving on to the actual product, the lipsticks are only numbered and not named so these are the shades I picked out- 01, 09, and 17.



I think Rimmel really nailed this one.  It is just the perfect red, almost retro, shade.


This is a very bright, berry shade that leans on the red side.  On my lips it’s more of a red with a bluish undertone.



This is a really pretty mid-tone pink that is a really good everyday color.  My lips are a bit more pigmented so this is almost like a nude, peachy lipstick for me.

Here are swatches of all 3 for you all to see:

From left to right: 01, 09, 17

For my 4th and last product from Rimmel, I just grabbed a liquid eyeliner since I’m all out (remember to throw those out every 3-4 months just like mascara!)  It is Rimmel’s Glam Eyes, which just comes in a standard liquid eyeliner bottle and brush.


So next I also bought a few things from Maybelline.  I bought TWO of the Color  Tattoos that has gotten so much buzz over youtube and the blogging sphere that I just had to get them.  I bought the shades 35 Tough as Taupe and 70 Barely Branded.  They are oh so, so pretty and they pair together wonderfully.  Tough as Taupe is a true taupe with no shimmer and Barely Branded is a champagne, metallic, practically nude color.  These were a bit more pricy than the lipsticks and they came around to two for $8.00.

35 Tough as Taupe
70 Barely Branded


I also picked up the Age Rewind Concealer in the shade 60, which is supposed to be their illuminator/highlighter concealer so I thought it would be a really good choice to brighten up those sad, dark circles underneath my eyes.


I also  got a waterproof mascara- the Volume Express “One by One”.  I’ll tell you how that goes.


Also, I picked up two of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in 310 Wild Child and 410 Love Letter.  I got these because I absolutely cannot paint my nails without looking like a crazy mess and these looked easy enough for even a clumsy girl like me to apply without too much trouble.

L: Wild Child, R: Love Letter

I’m going to try to not buy any more makeup AGAIN for the next few months.  I will definitely be enjoying these beauties though :)!


Material Not-So Detox


8 thoughts on “I HAVE FAILED MISERABLY (Warning: PIC HEAVY)”

  1. You probably deserve to treat yourself though, that’s what I always tell myself, ha! I’ve been trying to do a similar thing: at one point I had about 7 different foundations on the go, just ridiculous. So I’ve been on a ban until all of them are used up. On the last one now! Once this one is finished I won’t feel guilty at all for getting a new one 🙂

  2. LOVE the color tattoos! I’ve been trying a ban on new makeup too, but it’s so difficult when all these great products are out there 🙂 Do the Rimmel lipsticks come off easily or are they long lasting?

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