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Don’t Fear the Reaper

Don't Fear the Reaper


Birthday Haul :)

Hi all!

On Friday (April 5th), I turned 19!  My roomates surprised me with a yummy chocolate cake in the morning and gifts!  I absolutely adore the gifts they gave me because they completely represent me and they’re gorgeous!  Later, some friends from high school invited me for dinner and surprised with another cake (I think I gained 20 lbs in one day! hahha).

Anyway I’m going to keep this short and sweet :).

1. Kate Spade Cosmetic Case




First of all, I absolutely love Kate Spade!  It’s a brand that I find incredibly feminine, playful, and absolutely gorgeous.  Now, I can’t wait to pull this out when I touch up my makeup.

2. Kate Spade iPhone 4 Case



Yes, another Kate Spade item!  I didn’t use a case for my iPhone before I got this so in addition to being really cute, it’s also much needed and appreciated!

3. Fossil “Piggy Bank” Charm


I didn’t mention this before but my boyfriend did get me a Tiffany & Co. Charm bracelet for Valentine’s Day.  To add to my bracelet, one of my roomates got me this adorable piggy charm!  I really love this because I have been wanting a pet miniature pig for a while and this is just beautiful.

4. A Sephora Gift Card


This was truly very thoughtful, but it also makes me tempted to buy something so bad!  I wonder what I shall do with it. 🙂


That’s all (for now).


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