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I swear I don’t have a gun

I swear I don't have a gun


It’s Time to Say Goodbye :(

So I finally did some spring cleaning to get rid of any funky products that were expired.

I threw them away before I was able to take pictures (agh..where is my brain these days?) but here’s the list:

theBalm Concealer: This was a decent concealer, a bit cakey at times but this has just started to smell very, very odd.


Revlon ColorStay in 180-I have mixed feelings about this product.  To me, it goes on way too thick and looks cakey.  It does have amazing coverage but I don’t like masking my face and it feels like it clogs my pores. Overtime, the texture has become even worse.  Good riddance!


NYX Pandora– a bold, berry, fuschia color that has a hint of shimmer to it.  One of my first lipsticks that I constantly go to when I want a more dramatic look.  Sadly, I dropped this once and it completely fell off.  For less than $3, I didn’t have the heart to fix it.  </3


On another notes here are my March/April Empties!

Dr. Jart+ Black Label BB cream:  See my review here.  I’m finally done with this product and although I liked it, I’m not going to repurchase it because of the price and I still prefer the Misha BB cream.


Revlon Lipbutter in “Sugar plum”– I have gone through so many of these and I have just finished my last back-up.  This is a sad day indeed.


Chanel Vitalumière Aqua in 32– I have been loving this! I’m in shade 32 beige rose. It’s quite hydrating and gives me easy, mess-free, on-the-go, coverage. I only need a light coverage and this fits the bill.  I have completely hit pan on this product but I’d be too sad to throw it away because of the gorgeous packaging.




F.A.S.T. Shampoo and Conditioner:  This didn’t really help my hair grow faster but it smelled wonderful and the conditioner made my hair very silky and soft.




Close to finishing my first ten products!


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A little bit of a pick me up

My sweet boyfriend has been sending me little gifts throughout the month for my birthday and I’m loving it ❤

The other day he got me these amazing boots from Steve Madden, they are called the “Acedd Leather Ankle Booties”.  I absolutely love them and I know they’ll last me years since they are real leather and they fit my style perfectly.  The black studs give them an understated edge as apposed to my usual gaudiness.  


He also gifted me with these two beautiful products from Chanel (oooops :))





Isn’t that eyelash curler to die for? 

Reviews coming soon!


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Oh Stop it! You’re making me blush!

Here is the third part of my makeup series: Cheekies!

If you haven’t seen my other parts, here are the links: Part 1, Part 2

Okay, so I’m a bit of a blush fiend.  I seriously have way too much and here’s a confession:  I have never completely finished a blush before!  There’s just so much product that I get sick of it before I finish it.

Here are all my blushes (theBalm’s downboy not pictured):


Nars “Orgasm” (Sample Size)- A cult favorite.  It’s gorgeous, but I tend to like matte colors more.  Although it’s glittery in the pan, it doesn’t make your cheeks glittery but instead leaves a healthy glow.  I definitely see why people think of this as a “holy grail” product, but I don’t know if I would buy the full-size as the sample size is quite generous and will probably last me 2 years.


E.L.F. “Fuchsia Fusion”– My favorite drugstore blush!  It’s super pigmented and adds a beautiful pop of color and for $3.00, you can’t go wrong (or rather you won’t regret it!)


Benefit “Sugarbomb”-This is more of a highlighter/blush combination.  It’s quite shimmery and not that pigmented but is still very pretty.  If you’re going for a healthy, peachy, and glowy cheek look, this one is for you!


Chanel “Rose Ecrin”– My everyday blush.  It’s a muted color that is buildable, but will never look like too much!  It’s silky texture blends into my skin so easily and effortlessly and looks so natural that I can’t help but absolutely adore it!


theBalm “Cabana Boy“-A super pigmented purplish blush (but you can blend it out). Not powdery and can be buildable (if you really want to).  It has a touch of shimmer in it and good when you want your cheeks to be very noticeable.


theBalm “Frat Boy“- About the same formula as Cabana Boy but a peachy/corally color.  It’s pigmentation is good, it hits the sweet spot between being a tad too sheer and a tad too bold.


theBalm “Down Boy”(Not pictured)- Again, the same formula but more of a plummy shade.  My favorite out the three, but I left it in Boston with my boyfriend so I probably won’t see it til March or so (:().




So that is all my blush and as always, thank you for reading!  For my enemies out there, yes, blush is my kryptonite!


What is your favorite blush?



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Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

So I don’t think I’m a “beauty blogger” per se but I saw this on at http://quinngoldie.wordpress.com/ and it looked really fun so I thought I would do one.  I’ll be back tomorrow with my collection of cheekies (a.k.a. blush, brozer, and highlighter).

❤ Skincare:

How many times you wash your face daily?
Twice.  Once in the morning with Neutrogena Morning Burst and once at night with Neutrogena Acne Stress Control.


What skin type do you have?
What is your current facial wash?
Neutrogena Morning Burst and Neutrogena Acne Stress Control
Do you exfoliate?
Not particularly, but the acne wash is a scrub so I hope that counts!
What moisturizer are you using?
Clinique Moisture Surge


Do you use eye cream?
No, but I really want to start! Does anyone have any recommendations?
Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
For the most part I don’t, but under stress I do tend to have pretty bad breakouts (which has basically been my life in college sigh*)

❤ Makeup:

What foundation do you use?

Right now I’m using the Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox bb cream.


How about concealer?

theBalm Time Balm
Do you know your undertone colour?
What do you think of fake eyelashes?
I must confess, I used to wear them all the time as I don’t really have any eyelashes of my own, but for the past year, I don’t use them as much.
What brand of mascara do you use?

Right now,  I don’t own any mascara!  (Yes, I’m that lazy!)

Sephora or MAC?
Sephora, I’m just not a MAC girl.

Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?

For the face?

What is your favorite eyeshadow? (colour or shade?)
All of urban decay’s Naked 2?

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Both depending on how I feel.

What’s your favorite lipstick?
Chanel Rouge Coco in Vendome

Do you like drugstore makeup?
Yes.  I like any product as long as it WORKs!
Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?

Name a makeup crime that you hate?
Overload on the bronzer
Which celebrity always has great makeup?
Charlize Theron!  She’s a goddess


If you could leave the house using just one makeup item, what would you use?

Red Lipstick.  It instantly makes it look like your wearing makeup.

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup?
Yes, but I would prefer not to.
What do you think of makeup? 

Umm…d’oh!  I love it!  I find it essential in putting your best self forward.

How many hours a week do you spend writing/editing posts?
At least an hour everyday, unless I honestly have way too much going on.
When is it easiest for you to blog?
At night after school, after studying T__T
What makes writing behind the computer comfortable for you?
A cup of tea ❤
How long does it take for you to prep a post?
It really depends on what I’m writing.  A review takes much longer than just babbling 🙂
Who is a blogger that you read who deserves more readers?
Oh gosh.. there are just too many good ones out there!  Just read more people!

I tag anyone and everyone who reads this to do this too!  Looking forward to reading yours!


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Saving Face

Allright here is part 2 of my series: Foundations, face powders, and bb creams/tinted moisturizers.  I pretty much wear one of these or a combination of these every day.  I have two bb creams, two liquid foundations, one cream foundation, and one finishing powder.  That’s a good amount to me as I don’t feel like I have a suplus per se, as I’m confident I’ll finish all of these by the end of the year.  If I use one of these consistently everyday, it takes me about 2-3 months to finish the product.  Currently I’m using my Dr. Jart+ black label bb cream and sometimes I settle it with a little help from MUFE’s HD powder.  I’m going to do the same format as I did for lippies and go through with what I have and do a little quick review/explanation on them.  I hope you enjoy!

1. BB cream


Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB cream– A great bb cream for dry, acne prone skin that is moisturizing and has a decent amount of coverage.  (See my in-depth review here)

Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream in No. 23– This is my 2nd bottle of which I have not used that I found tucked away at home over last Thanksgiving.  I first used this in the summer of 2011 and I did enjoy it.  It has a light/medium coverage and it is THICK, a little goes a long way (blend, blend, blend!).


2. Liquid Foundations


Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in #123– It’s honestly too dark for my skin tone but I use this in the summer when I become tanner.  The product feels silky and lightweight but has amazing coverage!  This makes my skin beautiful in photographs, but for $40+ I’m never going to repurchase this.


Revlon ColorStay in 180-I have mixed feelings about this product.  To me, it goes on way too thick and looks cakey.  It does have amazing coverage but I don’t like masking my face and it feels like it clogs my pores.

3. Cream Foundation



Chanel Vitalumière Aqua in 32– I have been loving this! I’m in shade 32 beige rose. It’s quite hydrating and gives me easy, mess-free, on-the-go, coverage. I only need a light coverage and this fits the bill.

4. Face Powder


Make Up For Ever HD Powder– It’s a good, solid finishing powder.  It doesn’t dry out my dry skin even in the winter and goes on smoothly but sometimes it makes my skin a bit lighter than is natural.


What are your favorite face products?



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Give me some Lip! (Warning: Pic Heavy)

So to start off my “makeup collection” series, I thought I would start with lippies!  The reason I’m breaking up my makeup collection into “parts” is so that I can go into depth over what I have and kinda explain each product.  So without further ado here are all the lip products that I own.

1. Revlon Lip Butters (of course!)


Candy Apple– A bright wearable red, that’s not in your face!  It’s buildable, glossy, and doesn’t have any glitter like some of the other shades.

Berry Smoothie– Not as bold as I thought it would be.  It’s a cool tone medium pink shade with a bit of shimmer, but it’s not gritty.

Sugar Plum– My personal favorite.  It may seem dark, but it’s a wearable, buildable perfect plum shade.  It’s uber creamy and has no glitter or shimmer which makes it the most moisturizing and balm like.

Créme Brulee– It’s a nude, but not a pretty nude.  It’s beige and not as pigmented as other colors, but it does change the shade of my lips to a pretty pale color that washes me out and makes me look sickly.

Fig Jam (Not pictured)- A pretty fall color.  It’s a subtle warm reddish-brown shade that has a hint of shimmer to it.

2. Lipsticks

So I have a total of FOUR lipsticks from four different brands and I pretty much love them all.


NYX Pandora– a bold, berry, fuschia color that has a hint of shimmer to it.  One of my first lipsticks that I constantly go to when I want a more dramatic look.


Chanel Vendòme- A gorgeous, muted red (still  bold though) that matches my skin perfectly.


M.A.C. Hue- A nudish pink shade with a bit of a glossy finish.  The texture is fine and smooth, but this shade does not work on me at all (usually nudes don’t).


Victoria’s Secret Vixen- A dark plum shade that glides on smoothly that is both moisturizing and long-lasting!

VS_Vixen lipstick

3. Lipgloss!

Okay, I don’t really like lipgloss. It’s just a bit too sticky for me, but I’ll use it to help my lips look smoother from time to time.  I have two lipglosses.


M.A.C. Oyster Girl–  a pearly pink, which again is too nude for me.  Nice texture and smooth application though.


Buxom Samantha– A plumping lip gloss that is pretty nude but one that I actually like.  I don’t use it often but I put it on top of red lipstick to make my lips look, well..glossy.


4. Lip liner/pencils

Chanel Rouge Profond 57- This stuff is amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t know the power of a lip liner before! Honestly, I could wear this on its own with maybe a clear gloss over it for all day wear!  The perfect shade of red.


Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover- I got this deluxe sample size as part of a Sephora 500 pt. reward and I love this “all-in-one” product.  It’s between a lip liner, a lip stick, and a lip gloss.  It’s a pretty, shiny, glossy, light pink with a golden sheen.




So that’s about it :).  Have you tried any of these, if so, what do you think?



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