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He who fails to plan is planning to fail

Hello!  I am so sorry for not having a fresh new post in more than a week!  Agh, but I promise I have a good story to tell in an upcoming post. Now on to today’s post:

Living in small places, such as a dorm or a small studio apartment, can be quite a challenge sometimes.  It takes a certain skill to balance how to personalize your place without cluttering it up.  Now, some may think that you should only bring the bare necessities to college, and that’s fine, but for me, I truly believe that a dorm should feel a little bit like home.  It should be comfortable and personal, a place of rest for your body and mind.  With that being said, I have finally come up with a new topic to talk about for the next couple of weeks: my dorm.  Basically I’m going to show how I’ve set up my dorm room, how I organize it, how I decorate it, and things that I have found useful or not so useful to bring to college.

I live in a double, which means that there are two people in the room.  We each have a twin bed and a desk at the end in front of our closets.  We also have a 3 drawer chest that doubles as a side table next to our beds and a two drawer storage area underneath our bed.

Today, I’ll be focussing on my desk- arguably the most important place for a successful college life.  For my desk, I like to keep it solely school related.  I find that having too many things stuffed into drawers is distracting and may cause me to lose important assignments.  I also like to keep my desk top clear except for my desk lamp, my computer, and all my school books (having them all in front of me serves as a constant reminder of the work I need to do).  I also have a router (we don’t have wifi because of our ugly concrete walls) that I actually keep on the post of my bed.

My cute little stuffed monkey is the only piece of decor I keep on my desk. 🙂

I also love using 3m command hooks.  These are super useful in creating extra space to hang various items so you don’t lose them, while not damaging walls as to comply with most dorm rules.  At the side of my desk I keep my school bag on a command hook (Michael Kors Quilted Hamilton).  This is a great spot so that I can grab it on the way out of my room and unpack it at the end of the day.


On my other bed post, I keep reusable grocery bags since the county I live in has outlawed plastic shopping bags.


My desk has 3 drawers, 2 on top are a good size, and the bottom one is huge (I know it’s cut off in the picture, but it’s about double the depth of the other 2).


In my first drawer I keep my writing utensils, which for this semester is just a pack of my favorite Pilot G2 ink pens in 8 different colors.  I also keep highlighters, dry erase board markers, some sharpies, scissors, tape, stapler, paperclips, and other various office supplies that I reach for on a frequent basis.  I bought the white drawer organizer fromt the dollar store and I highly recommend using something like this to organize school supplies versus a pencil holder.


In my second drawer, I keep my four folders for my classes, which I have talked about before in this post.  They are the Mead trapper keeper folders in various colors.  I also keep two sets of cards in case I need to write a letter to anyone.


In the bottom drawer, I keep a billabong backpack, a Mickey Mouse binder, a Mead binder/notebook, and my Michael Kors laptop sleeve.


For the wall next to my desk, I have put up a whiteboard decal calendar and memo board.  I also have 2 more command hooks to hang my keys and umbrella.


I told you those concrete walls were ugly!

That’s how I have my desk area set up.  I’m quite satisfied with it and have found it an effective studying area that keeps me motivated and on top of my tasks.  How do you keep your desk area organized?

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Material Detox


Tidy House, Tidy Mind (Day 4)

Dear babes,

I am a bit behind schedule right now so I apologize.  My room right now is an absolute mess and I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather.  Right now I’m in the process of trying to clean up and organize all my things.  I have been planning a couple of posts but I just can’t concentrate my thoughts when my surroundings are such a mess.  Hopefully, the old adage “tidy house, tidy mind” is true and by tonight I’ll have two posts.

UPDATE: Well, I have uploaded my post for January 3rd and changed the date accordingly so my blog would stay in chronological order.  I have decided to just turn this post into my 4th day post as I think it makes a pretty good topic.  If you’re anything like me, you’d understand how quickly a house/room/really any area can turn into a mess so quickly.  I honestly don’t know how it happens but it does and rather quickly no matter how many times I clean up.  I seriously suspect a little mischievous ghoul of some sort that likes to hide our stuff especially when we are in a rush so we have no choice but to look for it and thus create a mess (and leave it messy).  To be honest though, I can’t help but notice that it is all these material items that create such havoc.  I have clothes laying about everywhere, jewelry on every surface, and other various knick knacks strewn about my room.

The worst part of all of this is that it really does have an impact on the human mind, or at least mine.  It’s just so uncomfortable to try to be productive when there are so many distractions.  Aside from noises, the appearance of the room matters, also.  When there’s clutter about, it feels like there’s clutter in my mind and it makes it that more difficult to concentrate on ideas.

I think by minimizing clutter, my life and the state of my mind will greatly improve.  Thoughts like this help me affirm my decision to not buy any clothing or makeup this year (they add much more to the clutter!).  Now, I’m not saying I don’t love material items, but I think I could learn a lesson or two by really thinking and investing in pieces and cosmetics that will allow me to minimize clutter, and maximize utility and happiness.

Here’s a great demonstration of a before/after clean up from Toastie Studio Blog over at http://toastiestudio.blogspot.com/2012/10/clean-up-october-overhaul.html:


Just looking at the transformation calms me down!

Do you believe that a tidy house leads to a tidy mind?


Material Detox