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It’s Time to Say Goodbye :(

So I finally did some spring cleaning to get rid of any funky products that were expired.

I threw them away before I was able to take pictures (agh..where is my brain these days?) but here’s the list:

theBalm Concealer: This was a decent concealer, a bit cakey at times but this has just started to smell very, very odd.


Revlon ColorStay in 180-I have mixed feelings about this product.  To me, it goes on way too thick and looks cakey.  It does have amazing coverage but I don’t like masking my face and it feels like it clogs my pores. Overtime, the texture has become even worse.  Good riddance!


NYX Pandora– a bold, berry, fuschia color that has a hint of shimmer to it.  One of my first lipsticks that I constantly go to when I want a more dramatic look.  Sadly, I dropped this once and it completely fell off.  For less than $3, I didn’t have the heart to fix it.  </3


On another notes here are my March/April Empties!

Dr. Jart+ Black Label BB cream:  See my review here.  I’m finally done with this product and although I liked it, I’m not going to repurchase it because of the price and I still prefer the Misha BB cream.


Revlon Lipbutter in “Sugar plum”– I have gone through so many of these and I have just finished my last back-up.  This is a sad day indeed.


Chanel Vitalumière Aqua in 32– I have been loving this! I’m in shade 32 beige rose. It’s quite hydrating and gives me easy, mess-free, on-the-go, coverage. I only need a light coverage and this fits the bill.  I have completely hit pan on this product but I’d be too sad to throw it away because of the gorgeous packaging.




F.A.S.T. Shampoo and Conditioner:  This didn’t really help my hair grow faster but it smelled wonderful and the conditioner made my hair very silky and soft.




Close to finishing my first ten products!


Material Detox


Give me some Lip! (Warning: Pic Heavy)

So to start off my “makeup collection” series, I thought I would start with lippies!  The reason I’m breaking up my makeup collection into “parts” is so that I can go into depth over what I have and kinda explain each product.  So without further ado here are all the lip products that I own.

1. Revlon Lip Butters (of course!)


Candy Apple– A bright wearable red, that’s not in your face!  It’s buildable, glossy, and doesn’t have any glitter like some of the other shades.

Berry Smoothie– Not as bold as I thought it would be.  It’s a cool tone medium pink shade with a bit of shimmer, but it’s not gritty.

Sugar Plum– My personal favorite.  It may seem dark, but it’s a wearable, buildable perfect plum shade.  It’s uber creamy and has no glitter or shimmer which makes it the most moisturizing and balm like.

Créme Brulee– It’s a nude, but not a pretty nude.  It’s beige and not as pigmented as other colors, but it does change the shade of my lips to a pretty pale color that washes me out and makes me look sickly.

Fig Jam (Not pictured)- A pretty fall color.  It’s a subtle warm reddish-brown shade that has a hint of shimmer to it.

2. Lipsticks

So I have a total of FOUR lipsticks from four different brands and I pretty much love them all.


NYX Pandora– a bold, berry, fuschia color that has a hint of shimmer to it.  One of my first lipsticks that I constantly go to when I want a more dramatic look.


Chanel Vendòme- A gorgeous, muted red (still  bold though) that matches my skin perfectly.


M.A.C. Hue- A nudish pink shade with a bit of a glossy finish.  The texture is fine and smooth, but this shade does not work on me at all (usually nudes don’t).


Victoria’s Secret Vixen- A dark plum shade that glides on smoothly that is both moisturizing and long-lasting!

VS_Vixen lipstick

3. Lipgloss!

Okay, I don’t really like lipgloss. It’s just a bit too sticky for me, but I’ll use it to help my lips look smoother from time to time.  I have two lipglosses.


M.A.C. Oyster Girl–  a pearly pink, which again is too nude for me.  Nice texture and smooth application though.


Buxom Samantha– A plumping lip gloss that is pretty nude but one that I actually like.  I don’t use it often but I put it on top of red lipstick to make my lips look, well..glossy.


4. Lip liner/pencils

Chanel Rouge Profond 57- This stuff is amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t know the power of a lip liner before! Honestly, I could wear this on its own with maybe a clear gloss over it for all day wear!  The perfect shade of red.


Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover- I got this deluxe sample size as part of a Sephora 500 pt. reward and I love this “all-in-one” product.  It’s between a lip liner, a lip stick, and a lip gloss.  It’s a pretty, shiny, glossy, light pink with a golden sheen.




So that’s about it :).  Have you tried any of these, if so, what do you think?



Material Detox


Everyday Makeup For Class

Now that classes have resumed (oh, winter holiday why’d you have to go so soon?), I’m back to my morning routine of pressing the snooze button 7 times in a row before finally waking up, splashing some water on my face, brushing my teeth, quickly putting makeup on while drinking coffee, eating yogurt, and then rushing out the door.  Needless to say, I spend very little time putting on makeup for class.  Still, I try to look decent (allright, decently hygienic) so that I don’t scare people away.

Here are the few products that I have found that are easy to put on and doesn’t smudge everywhere!

1. Dr. Jart+Black Label Detox BB Cream


(See my review here)

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Perversion


The blackest black pencil eyeliner with minimal smudging ( I would be lying if I said it absolutely doesn’t budge all day, still it comes pretty close to perfection)

3. Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum



Makes my lips smooth and adds color at the same time!


That’s all folks!  Of course, when I do have a bit more time I’d add a bit of loose powder, some eyeshadow, maybe mascara, and blush.


What do you use (or don’t use) when your in a rush?



Material Detox

Butter me up!

Revlon lip butters!
I know I’m probably late to the hype, and I can’t believe I haven’t talked about these before but I love revlon lip butters!  I have dry skin and my lips are usually chapped and to be honest, they look gross.  I have used so many lip balms/conditioners/butters and this product is by far my favorite.   The colors they offer are lovely and they leave my lips looking glossy and SMOOTH!  In fact not only do they look smoother, my lips have actually improved and have become softer overall!  Needless to say I bought a bunch last year so I probably don’t need any more for the rest of the year.
Right now, I’ve been using “fig jam” which is a really pretty fall/winter color.  It’s a dark burgundy that is much more subtle than I thought it would be.
My favorite color of all time is “sugar plum” and I’ve already been through 2 tubes of it!Revlon-Colorburst-Lip-Butter_Sugar-Plum
Of course the cons to the product is that it fades fast so I have to reapply often and there isn’t much product in each tube.  They’re a bit pricy as they go from about 7-10 dollars depending on where and when you buy it.
Have you tried revlon lip butters, if so what do you think of them?
Material Detox

A What’s in my Cosmetics Pouch? (Day 3)

So today, I want to talk about what makeup items I usually have on me when I go out.  I keep my makeup in my Louis Vuitton Pouchette that used to belong to my sister.  It’s about 8 years old but is holding up pretty well.  If I’m using a bigger bag I just throw the pochette in but if I want to carry a smaller bag with me, I can just use the pochette on its own still.  It can fit my keys, phone, and a compact wallet along with all the makeup inside still (okay, maybe I have to take out my foundation compact).  Louis Vuitton has an updated version of this bag now and I believe the new design starting selling in the U.S. on August 1st 2012.  The inside is now lined and has an inner pocket and the strap is slightly longer.  Unfortunately, it now costs $440, which is almost double of what it was in 2004, which is pretty crazy for something this small.


Anyhow, these are all the items that I usually keep in there:


  • Sephora mirror that comes with their giftcards
  • Revlon lip butter in “sugar plum”Revlon-Colorburst-Lip-Butter_Sugar-Plum
  • forever 21 cherry lip balm
  • Bath and Body Works pocket size hand sanitizer in “Paris Amour” (which smells amazing!)imgres-1
  • Harajuku mini perfume roller ball in “Baby”harajuku-lovers-baby-perfume-for-women-eau-de-toilette-spray-profile
  • Kat Von D “tattoo liner”kat-von-d-for-sephor2b3b75
  • UD 24/7 eyeliner in “perversion”10586658-1330954955-436683
  • Chanel Vitalumière AquaS178826_XLARGE
  • Chanel blush (a.k.a. Joues Contraste) in “rose ècrin”chanel_roseecrin001

I know this may seem like a lot but keep in mind that I don’t bring this with me all the time.  Usually I’ll bring this with me if I’ll be out the whole day like at school where I need to touch up my makeup.  If not, I’ll just leave this at home.  Also, there is still enough room to fit other items like *ahem feminine care products.  Anyhow, you can see there is still plenty of room left for other items.


What makeup items do you keep on you when you’re out, if you bring any at all, and how do you store them?

I would love to hear other ideas!


Material Detox

A Week Without Credit Cards: Day 5&6, 2 Down, 8 to Go.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Not spending money on Thanksgiving was easy.  Not spending money on Black Friday was another matter.  I knew I did not need to buy anything, but with all the special sales from almost every store, I was so tempted to buy everything!  However, I was able to resist for a few reasons:

  1. My family doesn’t go shopping on Black Friday
  2. Looking at the black friday “deals” online and realizing I wouldn’t buy any of those items if they weren’t on sale (Ok, well maybe the 32 inch TV)
  3. Playing Nintendo Land and Super Mario on my brother’s new Wii U (So Addicting!)
  4. “Shopping” around the house for things that I left behind

I found quite a few items that I left at home that I could use in the next year.  First, I found a box of hair dye and since I haven’t found the time to dye my hair since school has started, I dyed my hair a dark red shade.  Next, I found an unopened box of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 23.  This is perfect for an everyday foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturizer after I finish the Dr. Jart+ bb cream (a review is coming very soon!).  I was very happy to see these beauty treasures at home!

Another bb cream contender

In other great news, I finished the Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum.  I still have two backups of these (my favorite shade) and many other shades of Revlon Lip Butter that I will  get to experiment with for the following year. These lip butters are my favorite lip product.  They leave my usually chapped lips incredibly soft and smooth.  Most of the shades are also super pigmented with a glossy finish.  I really should add this product to my “holy grail” list as its getting difficult to imagine my lips without them!

Leaves my lips pretty and soft!

So, with that I was able not to spend money on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.  I am very pleased, but I’m a bit worried that I won’t have enough to last for tomorrow as after the plane, I have to take a train then a bus to get back to school.  In any case, it shouldn’t go over budget by more than a couple dollars…I hope.

Did you go Black Friday shopping, and if so, what deals did you find?

-Material Detox