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I swear I don’t have a gun

I swear I don't have a gun


Project Fail

Hi loves!

It’s been two weeks since my last post and I’ve missed you all so much!  Over the past two weeks, I’ve gotten my butt kicked by midterms and my body invaded by the flu virus (and I’m still recovering from both).  I’m really happy with the amount of entries I have in my giveaway and if you haven’t entered to win the Urban Decay Mariposa Palette yet, please do so right here.  Unfortunately it’s a U.S. only giveaway and ends March 31, 2013.


Moving on, over the past couple weeks my determination to not buy any clothes this year has been broken down.  I haven’t bought any clothes yet but with Spring break coming up, I know I’m going to be wanting to add a few Spring and Summer pieces to my wardrobe.  I’m terribly sorry :(.

That being said, going almost three months without buying any clothes has not been easy.  I love fashion, although I would not call myself “trendy” or “fashionable”.  Most of my clothes are either black, grey, or white.  I have to say I actually love and prefer it this way because it’s easy to match my clothes and it makes my clothes last longer throughout the seasons.  I still do have a couple of statement pieces that stand out just for some variety.


Also, I wouldn’t say I have a ton of clothes.  It’s definitely not as out of control as my makeup obsession.  I have about 3 good pairs of jeans (1 blue, 2 black) and about 4 pairs of pants that I love (2 white, 1 purple, 1 plaid).  I have a couple casual dresses and a couple skirts.  I do have a good number of tops from tees to sweaters but not anything truly “springy”.

Sites that I love looking at are gojane and francesca’s.  Here are a few pieces from these shops that I absolutely love(they are linked!):


Francesca’s Montrose Mustache Scarf




Francesca’s Maritza Colorblock Dress




GoJane’s Two-Tone Collared Dress




GoJane’s Graphic Bat Sweater




Francesca’s Sylvan Grove Floral Skirt




GoJane’s Zip-up Body Con Dress

I suppose I overdid it on the black and white so here are a few “statement” pieces that I’m also loving:


Francesca’s Cape Town Floral Scarf




GoJane’s Floral Print Skirt

These pieces are just for inspiration and I definitely can’t get them all.  I’m still going to try to keep my shopping to a minimum and only buy items that I truly love that will last me through the seasons, not just for a season.

What items do you like/dislike?  Comments wanted below!  🙂


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