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The Extra Goodies

Welcome, to part 6 of my “makeup collection” goodies.  This is my final post on all the makeup I own.  So the goal of these post hasn’t been to “show-off” (well not too much ;P JK) but to kinda show where I am on the amount of makeup I have at the beginning of 2013 and ultimately minimize it by the end of the year.  So here we go:

1. Primers


Urban Decay Primer Potion Original:  A great eyeshadow primer.  This will keep your eyelids from creasing and goes on nude.  

Urban Decay Primer Potion Greed: The same formula as above, but with a golden finish.

Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (Deluxe Sample Size): A pretty good primer.  It does what it says.  However, I still prefer my Urban Decay primer over this one.

2. Bronzer


NYC Sunny: A borderline cult favorite.  It’s great for medium-darker complexions, a bit too orange for paler skin tones.  A great, solid, matte bronzer for contouring. At about $4.00, it’s a product that’s great to have around.

3. Highlighters, concealer, etc.


1. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer: This is a holy grail product for me.  It is the most amazing, beautiful, shimmery, golden highlighter.  I didn’t like or see the point of highlighters til I used this.  I put it on the bridge of my nose and a little on my cheek bones.  It gives you a natural, healthy, radiant glow that looks like it comes from within.

2. bareMinerals mineral veil (sample): I don’t really like this product.  It’s a bit cakey for me and in general I don’t like powder foundations as I have dry skin.

3. Benefit high beam: Another pretty highlighter.  It applies smoothy, blends easily, and has great staying power.  

4. theBalm time balm concealer: This is a cream concealer that applies sheer but is buildable.  It works well to hide acne and other blemishes, but doesn’t completely cover them.  It’s not that great for dark circles though.

5. Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer/highlighter in Nude: This is a decent concealers and works pretty well for dark circles.  I’m not crazy about the packaging or the application and I don’t use this for highlighting, just concealing.


So we’ve finally come to the end of my collection!  


Material Detox


P.S. Have you downloaded Temple Run 2?  It’s so addicting!




It’s all about the eyes!

I have so much eye makeup, it’s kinda ridiculous.

I have not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR eye shadow palettes (way too much, but way cute).

Original UD’s Naked not pictured (due to being at my boyfriend’s)

1. Urban Decay’s Naked: One of the most hyped up products of all time (okay, maybe in the last 5 years) and for good reason.  I’m pretty sure almost everyone (even guys) know what this is so I won’t try to explain this in detail.  It has 12 neutral shades that range from a satin, matte, frosty and  shimmery finish.  It’s the perfect everyday palette and there is so much product.  If you are a beginner this is the palette for you (or perhaps Naked Basics, but I don’t own that so I wouldn’t know for sure).


2. Urban Decay’s Naked 2: The name says it all.  The much-loved sequel to its predecesor.  It also features 12 neutral shades that also range in finishes.  The difference?  These shades have a cooler tone than the original Naked’s warmer hues.


3. theBalm Nude ‘tude: Yes, another nude palette. This palette is very comparable to UD’s Naked palettes.  It also features 12 beautiful neutral shades that also range from frosty to matte finishes.  I happen to love the quality of theBalm eyeshadows: they are so soft, smooth, and most importantly, pigmented.  They are also very easy to blend and there isn’t too much fall out!


4.theBalm ‘shadyLady’ vol. 2:  Finally, some color in my collection!  These are all the colorful eyeshadows in my collection, however, they are not too bold.  These are wearable colors and keeping up with theBalm’s quality, they are so easy to apply!


So those are all my palettes, I only own two more eyeshadows and they are both from M.A.C. and are pretty for a night out.


1. M.A.C.  electraThis is a pigmented, frosty, shimmery silver eyeshadow.

2. M.A.C. black tie– This is not a true black eyeshadow.  It’s more of a dark grey with silver glitter in it.  It’s very pretty and amazing for a softer smoky eye look.



That concludes my eyeshadow collection reveal.  Next time, I’ll be continuing with eyeliners!


Have you tried any of these?  If so, what do you think about them?


Much love,

Material Detox

Oh Stop it! You’re making me blush!

Here is the third part of my makeup series: Cheekies!

If you haven’t seen my other parts, here are the links: Part 1, Part 2

Okay, so I’m a bit of a blush fiend.  I seriously have way too much and here’s a confession:  I have never completely finished a blush before!  There’s just so much product that I get sick of it before I finish it.

Here are all my blushes (theBalm’s downboy not pictured):


Nars “Orgasm” (Sample Size)- A cult favorite.  It’s gorgeous, but I tend to like matte colors more.  Although it’s glittery in the pan, it doesn’t make your cheeks glittery but instead leaves a healthy glow.  I definitely see why people think of this as a “holy grail” product, but I don’t know if I would buy the full-size as the sample size is quite generous and will probably last me 2 years.


E.L.F. “Fuchsia Fusion”– My favorite drugstore blush!  It’s super pigmented and adds a beautiful pop of color and for $3.00, you can’t go wrong (or rather you won’t regret it!)


Benefit “Sugarbomb”-This is more of a highlighter/blush combination.  It’s quite shimmery and not that pigmented but is still very pretty.  If you’re going for a healthy, peachy, and glowy cheek look, this one is for you!


Chanel “Rose Ecrin”– My everyday blush.  It’s a muted color that is buildable, but will never look like too much!  It’s silky texture blends into my skin so easily and effortlessly and looks so natural that I can’t help but absolutely adore it!


theBalm “Cabana Boy“-A super pigmented purplish blush (but you can blend it out). Not powdery and can be buildable (if you really want to).  It has a touch of shimmer in it and good when you want your cheeks to be very noticeable.


theBalm “Frat Boy“- About the same formula as Cabana Boy but a peachy/corally color.  It’s pigmentation is good, it hits the sweet spot between being a tad too sheer and a tad too bold.


theBalm “Down Boy”(Not pictured)- Again, the same formula but more of a plummy shade.  My favorite out the three, but I left it in Boston with my boyfriend so I probably won’t see it til March or so (:().




So that is all my blush and as always, thank you for reading!  For my enemies out there, yes, blush is my kryptonite!


What is your favorite blush?



Material Detox