The Rules

Hey there!  Want to join me in learning how to control our alterego- the shopacholic?  Well look no further because this year I’m on a beauty ban where I’m trying to use up all my makeup so I’m only left with a handful of holy grail products that I can enjoy using everyday, while reducing waste and clutter!

To help me curb my appetite for all things beauty related I’ve made some rules that I’m going to try my hardest to stay true to so that I can reach my goal.

Here they are:

  • No makeup purchases, unless it is to REPLACE a  TYPE OF PRODUCT, i.e. I can buy new foundation if I have absolutely no other foundations left
  • Buy makeup from your favorite beauty brand!  This may seem counterintuitive, but personally this will save me money.  I have found that when I buy a Chanel lipstick, I’ll use that for months without even thinking about buying drugstore lippies.  If I buy drugstore lippies, I still want the Chanel lipstick.  
  • Gifts/hand me downs/swaps are fine to accept.
  • Swap/giveaway things you KNOW you’ll never use.
  • Go through your collection and throw away any expired makeup.  No matter how expensive or how much product is left, it is not worth getting a rash or eye infection from your makeup!
  • I’m also trying to minimize my clothing purchases this year, in an attempt to built a capsule closet 🙂

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